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Shri Lal Bapa   .

Shri Guruvar Lalbapa was born in 1924 CE as son of Shri Jagjeevandas Karia in village of Babra near Amreli, Saurashtra. Life of Shri Lalbapa was inspired by two principles : Ramroti and Service to welfare of Cows. During the festivities of Shivaratri, for 5 days a major setup is established for food for lakhs of pilgrims during this days and a blissful atmosphere is generated in which hymns and stotras are sung throughout day and night.

Shri Hasu Bapu   .

Shri Hasubapu was born in Badela in 1960 CE as son of Shri Kalidas Jagjeevan Karia. Currently, he is handling all management activities of Prernadham Ashram situated in the Bhavnath Valley of Girnar, Junagarh. Shri Hasubapu too is following his Guru Shri Lalbapa's principles of Ramroti and Service to welfare of Cows.


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